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How do I stand up surfing Sydney

How do I stand up while surfing?

This is the most obvious question that we expect from a novice surfer. The excitement of standing and surfing a wave is but natural. We know that the moment you go in water, the first thing that you would want to do is to stand up on the surfboard and surf. Catch the wave; ride on it, and Bingo! This is much easier said than done. Instead of asking ‘How do I stand up surfing’ to your instructor within seconds of meeting him, you should focus on the basics that he will explain you during the training.

The best part about Surfs Up Surf School is that the surfers that take our lesson never ask us ‘How do I stand up surfing’. We understand their requirement well and therefore, train them the basics so well that they learn to stand on the surfboard by themselves. No wonder why thousands of tourists approach us every month to help make their trip the best time of their life. Even if you have never surfed before, at the end of the trip, you will be able to ride the waves confidently.

We are a team of passionate surfers who have mastered the art of riding the waves but this is not why we are the most renowned surfing school. People prefer us because we know how to teach this art to others. We do not teach you from our point of view; rather, we make the training so simple that even a child would be able to answer ‘How do I stand up surfing’. People across all ages and gender take up our surfing trip but believe us; we will never degrade the quality of training not even during our peak business season. We are not here to do business; we are here to spread the fun of surfing among others. We are here to help people ride on the waves and experience a new angle of life.

If you are still wondering ‘How do I stand up surfing’, call us at 1800 10 25 26 (toll free) to book our surfing trip.

Easily check if seats are available on the surf adventure of your choice. Simply tell us when you want to go or call 1800 10 25 26.
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