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Surfing for rookies Sydney

If you are determined to catch a wave and ride on it, we would love to be a part of your adventure. We at Surfs Up Surf School, one of the most experienced school offering surfing for rookies Sydney training, believe that riding the waves can lure anyone and if it has started fascinating you, pack your bags, head towards Sydney, and meet us. We can make your dream come true. You will be up on the waves safely and soon start surfing like an experienced surfer. Irrespective of your age, gender, and experience, we assure you that you will have a fabulous time on the water

Our instructors are well trained professionals who offer surfing for rookies Sydney lessons in such as simplistic way that almost anyone and everyone can learn the sport within no time. Our instructors are licensed to offer surfing for rookies Sydney training. They are certified to perform emergency lifesaving medical procedures such as CPR so that in case you meet any unfortunate accident, they will rescue you and handle you until the medical help arrives. We will teach you the basic safety measures before you go out in water. Here is an overview of our surfing for rookies Sydney training.

· Available all round the year.

· We keep the groups small so that you can get quality training. You will feel comfortable in a small group.

· We only hire highly skilled and certified coaches. Quality of training and your safety is utmost important for us.

· You will be taught the basics of surfing, right from paddling to catching the waves.

· We will brief you about the safety rules and will be there always with you to ensure your safety.

· We are not just a group offering surfing for rookies Sydney training; we are a professional company. We are well organized and highly professional in our approach.

Surfing with us will be a fun. If you choose our trips, we will offer you pick up and drop to Sydney. Food and fun activities will also be included in our trip. To know more about surfing for rookies Sydney lessons, get in touch with us at 1800 10 25 26.

Easily check if seats are available on the surf adventure of your choice. Simply tell us when you want to go or call 1800 10 25 26.
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